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Ciao Food & Treats

CIAO, one of the world’s leading premium cat food/treat brands, produced by INABA (Started producing Pet Food since 1958) with the concepts of “freshness” and “love” in 1989.

CIAO treats are tasty, squeezable, low calorie, lickable treats for cats made with real, deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken, are also high in moisture and available in many delectable varieties for your cat.

Envon pet supplies is INABA’s Australian importer and distributor

Pet store owners, are you fed up with bland and same old products for your beloved customers? Well, we all were. That is why Envon has decided to take matters into our own hands and bring the best pet food brands to you that will be focused on high-quality products. Envon as a pet products wholesaler supplier, is focused on importing the most comprehensive, high-quality pet food and treats available. Our passion is to help pet business owners find the right products at the best price. We are a team of pet lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of beloved pets and the adoring pet parents by providing nutritious, natural products like Ciao -Chicken & Kaisen mix, Cheese biscuits for dogs, Roo meat cubes and many more that pets will love! We ensure to supply your business Inaba products that are produced with the finest ingredients and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to provide the highest level of quality.


About INABA From Envon

The brand Inaba was founded in Japan in 1805 with the idea of providing fresh tuna harvested from the sea for the cats. This business branched into Inaba pet foods we know today in 1958, and in 1989, the birth of the INABA® brand occurred.

Then on, INABA Pet Products is one of the leaders in the pet nutrition industry. They are constantly innovating with new ingredients and formulas for affordable and quality products.

Since 1958, Inaba Pet Products suppliers have remained committed to providing premium food for our furry friends, thriving in the 21st-century pet food market. We understand that when you feed your cat INABA, you feed them nutrition, happiness and love.

Inaba products are made in FDA-registered facilities to comply with the highest quality standards and regulations. It makes sure that all our factory-produced food is delicious and healthy, and safe for your pets. Additionally, all INABA packaging materials have unique oxygen-blocking properties that help keep the food safe for your cat’s health!

Inaba uses only human-grade ingredients which are rich in nutrients and are safe for your pet and easy on your wallet. Every package of INABA pet food is a complete and balanced meal for your cat that offers the highest nutritional value for their health and well-being.

The INABA pet food brand is the perfect nutritional balance of all the essential nutrients that cats need. We pride ourselves on offering our customers healthy, tasty food that meets the highest standards of quality. Our unique recipe has been approved by veterinarians and is made with only natural ingredients.


Choose INABA supplied by Envon

Envon’s mission is to provide you with wholesome, natural pet food that is bursting with flavour. Inaba Pet Products fits this criterion exceptionally well and stands out for quality, affordability, and health. We listen to your concerns and preferences, then take those into account in every product we stock. All INABA products are expertly formulated to meet pets’ nutritional needs while also offering them great-tasting food that they’ll love! You can try out our other pet food and accessories brands like Rosewood Pets, Ciao Inaba Japan, Burgess, M-Pets and many more.


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