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  • The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is a unique dog mat in the sense that it is not only incredibly comfortable and healthy for your dog, but it is also practical for dog owners. The bamboo terry cloth provides a naturally antibacterial, odour repelling and organic soft surface for your dog to rest on. The added feature is that it has a highly absorbent inner viscose blend felt which can absorb up to 11 times its weight in moisture. Due to its absorbency, it is the perfect drying surface after your dog has a bath or a walk in the rain. Now your dog can dry in peace on its absorbent mat and the rest of your bathroom, laundry or home can also stay dry.
  • Siccaro FlexDog Mat has been specially designed to fold over to fit into your dog’s crate or cage and the inner cushioned mesh is shock absorbent to take the impact of travelling in the car or plane. This means that many dogs who go outdoors to wet activities such as agility, obedience trials and even hunting, enjoy resting on the Siccaro FlexDog Mat at the end of the day.
  • The FlexDog Mat absorbs all the water and any dirt as well as protecting the seats of your car or is an excellent cage liner. Because the mat itself is double layered and can unfold, it is ideal after water activities with your dog because you can rest one half against the back of the seat and have the other half below the dog as a seat liner. This will protect your car from dirty paws and wet fur.         The inner cushioned mesh of the FlexDog Mat will give your dog great support and comfort and won’t allow your dog to overheat because it has a hollow, air circulating core fabric. It will give a light level of breathable warmth from the terry bamboo outer layer. The material also assists the dog from not slipping around your bathroom or laundry floor after a bath and will solve the issue of having to mop up afterwards because the mat collects excess water and actually soak it up from the dogs fur as it drips down.
  • Satisfied customers of the FlexDog Mat include professional breeders, dog trainers, veterinarians, police dogs and groomers. They all swear by the mat when having to wash and dry multiple dogs because of the amazing water absorbing properties. Because these professionals need the best and most durable equipment for their dogs, they trust Siccaro products and often endorse them because they simply work so well.
  • If you are looking for a cosy, organic and light weight dog mat that will suit a dog with an on-the-go lifestyle, then the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is the ultimate solution. The outside layer of the FlexDog Mat features our famous non-toxic, organic bamboo outer layer that naturally protects your dog’s special bed from collecting bad odours. Within the mat is a super absorbent viscose blend that can soak up moisture if your dog has just been for a walk, been in the rain or had a bath. It contains a lightweight inner honeycomb structure, which is soft and shock absorbing (great for bumpy car rides), is breathable and won’t collect mites or other parasites. Because the outer fabric is easily removable, you can machine wash it at 30C degrees and tumble dry it at low heat.


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