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Suitable for 2 rabbits or 3-6 guinea pigs

Directions – Fill bowl to top, then place in cage EASY !

Perfectly measures 3/4 cup

STAYbowl is a tip-proof, food bowl with an ergonomic design that allows guinea pigs and other small pets to get the proper nutrition they need. STAYbowlnot only keeps your pets’ food off the cage floor, it also save you time and money.

STAYbowl features include:

  • Keeps food clean and off the cage floor!
  • Saves time — Less cage mess!
  • Saves money — No more wasted kibble!
  • Promotes health and wellness — No more over- or under-feeding!
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 3/4-cup (126 g) size is just right for 2 rabbits or 3-6 guinea pigs for measured kibble (if you have less pets, we recommend ordering the 1/4 cup size )
  • Food-grade plastic construction – child friendly non breakable
  • Lightweight, stackable design to maximize shelf space.

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Sky blue, Spring Green, Lilac(Purple)